At the heart of my work lies a passion for telling stories of community, stories of discovery and stories that make clear confusing issues. What sets my storytelling apart is that I don't play favorites with platform: I can tell the story in multiple ways, and make a study of audience to determine what platform I will ultimately use.

I'm a prolific writer for web, long-form and social media. I can also shoot and edit photos, video and produce audio features I record, mix and edit myself. Below, please find selected samples.



In one year alone, for St. Louis on the Air, I wrote over 400 web stories and Facebook posts, crafted over 3,500 tweets with over 3.5 million impressions and posted over 100 Instagram photos and stories. Here's a sampling of some of my favorites.

View all writing for St. Louis Public Radio here | View all writing for St. Louis Business Journal here

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